Friday, October 3, 2014

Show for tonight October 3rd.

Show time at 8:30 PM (pacifc)- pre show is on.


1 FLA Vector- U Stanka
2. E-Gens- Holy Dreams
3. Mechanical Apfelshine- Believe
4. Alpha Point- High Like The Angels (People's Theater Remix)
5. Per Aspera- Find Yourself
6. Notoy- Feelings Drowned
7. Pulse State- Hello World
8. Trim Silence- Vosotok 5
9. Spilstar- Diginity
10. Ru.Are- Halo
11. Freaky Mind- Peeping Hole (Instrumental Version)
12. Dust Heaven- Doublefaced
13. WANT/ed- Full of Grace
14. Systema Synthetica- Tower
15. Ginger Snap5- Shadow gHost
16. Ginger Snap%- Butterfly is a Fish
17, Ruined Conflict- Treason

Friday, September 5, 2014

Show for Sept 5th

Live show is on now:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tonight's playlist- July 11

First set:

1. Surveillance- I Was There
2. System Syn- Lost
3. Solitary Experiments- Stars
4. Seabound- When She's Hungry
5. Die Form- Perpetual Motion
6. Espermachine- Bleeding Hands
7. Pride and Fall- Hollow
8. Die Form- Black Leather Gloves
9. Ruined Conflict- Legacy
10. Gecko Sector- A Million Hours

Set 2
11. And One- Time Killer
12. VNV Nation- Tomorrow Never Comes
13. Ien Oblique- Slaves of Pleasure
14. Mental Discipline- Shine On Me
15. Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus
16. The Kovenant- Star by Star(Apop Remix)
17. Imperative Reaction- Never Ending
18. Nachtmahr- Feuer Frei
19. Frozen Plasma- Tanz Die Revolution (International Version)
20. Reaper- She is a Devil and a Whore
21. Covenant- We Want Revolution
22. Neuroticfish- They Are Coming to Take Me Away
23. Culture Kultuer- Drum Machine
24. Psychopomps- Godshit (God's Hit!)
25. State of the Union- Dancing in the Dark
26. Covenant- Dead Stars (Club Version)
27. Cosmicity- All You Need (Extended)
28. VNV Nation- Cold (Remix)
29. Icon Of Coil- Dead Enough For Life
30. T.O.Y- Another Lovesong (Remix)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Show for tonight 3/28/14

The playlist:

1. Fortran 5- Lovebaby
2. CCCP- American Soviets
3. Iris- Sorrow Expert
4. Faith Assembly- Persuasion (Drift Mix)
5. Nachtmahr- Can You Feel The Beat?
6. Artefakto- Des Constuccion
7. Kirlian Camera- Eclipse (Aniversary)
8. Laura Effect- Beloved Again (Extended)
9. Covenant Scared
10. And One- Pimmelmann
11. Laibach- Tanz Mit Laibach
12. Dance or Die- Fire
13. Project Pitchfork- Carrion
14. Front Line Assembly- The Blade (Technohead)
15. Funker Vogt- Date of Expiration
16. Faderhead- Dirtygrrrls Dirtybois (N64 Remix)
17. Ien Oblique- Slaves of Pleasure
18. Clock DVA- Voice Recognition Test
19. Espermachine- Dying Life
20. Imperative Reaction- Judas
21. Frozen Plasma- Tanz Die Revolution (International Mix)
22. Reaper- She is a Devil and a Whore
23. Psychopomps- Godshit (Gods Hit!)
24. State of the Union- Black City Lights
25. Culture Kultuer- Drum Machine
26. Apoptygma Berzerk- Deep Red
27. S.P.O.C.K- They Are Already Here
28. Covenant- Dead Stars
29. Cosmicity- All You Need
30. Cosmicty- Too FAr Gone
31. Code 64- Sea of Stars
32. VNV Nation- Electronaut
33. This Morn' Omina- [fp]
34. Combichrist- Brain Bypass
35. Budershacht- Forever

Thursday, March 27, 2014

For tomorrow

Live show planned for tomorrow evening- the 28th. Likely a bit earlier this time. Watch this space for details.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Live show Feb 28th

Pre-show is on. Live show to begin at 8:30 pm pacific.

The playlist:

1. Blue October- When You Leave
2. Fictional- IntenCity
3. Front 242- Crushed
4. Kraftwerk- Europe Endless
5. Depeche Mode- Lie to Me
6. Silica Gel- Nada es Eternal
7. Wolfsheim- Kuenstliche Welten
8. Felix Marc- Life is Porn
9. Nitzer Ebb- Getting Closer
10. Vatican- This Touchless Moment
11. Beborn Beton- Poison
12. Obscenity Trial- Here and Now
13. And One- Rick
14. Pet Shop Boys- Opportunities
15. Red Flag- Russian Radio
16. Iris- Sorrow Expert
17. Elegant Machinery- Move
18. De/vision- Your Hands on my Skin '98
19. OMD- The Future, The Past and Forever After
20. Systema Synthetica- Tower
21. Nachtmahr- Can You Feel The Beat?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Live Show Tonight Feb. 14th

Tune in at:

The mix:

Wolsheim- Approaching Lightspeed
Systema Synthetica- The Tower
Artefakto- Des-Construccion
Apoptygma Berzerk- Non-Stop Violence
F.O.D.- Heal Me
Camouflage- Mellotron
Cubanate- Angel Dust
Laibach- Tanz Mit Laibach
Bigod 20- On The Run
De/vision- Give In
S.P.O.C.K- Dr. McCoy
Kraftwerk- The Telephone Call
Funker Vogt- Date of Expiration
Front Line Assembly- The Blade (Technohead)
And One- Time Killer
Reaper/Frozen Plasma/Covenat- She Is A Devil And A Whore/Tanz Die Revolution/We want Revolution
Japan- European Son
Covenant- Dead Stars
VNV Nation- Cold (Remix)
Colony 5- Fixed
Combichrist- All Pain Is Gone
Nachtmahr- Feuer Frei!
Lords of Acid- Pop That Tooshie
Psychopomps- Godshit (Gods Hit)
Icon Of Coil- Dead Enough For Life
Bruderschaft- Forever
Spahn Ranch- Heretic's Fork
Spahn Ranch- Static Deonates The Gel
Spahn Ranch- Babel

Friday, January 31, 2014

Live show tonight

Pre-show is on. Live show to begin at the top of the hour!


1. Assemblage 23- Over and Out
2. Diorama- Child of Entertainment
3. Elegant Machinery- Feel The Silence
4. Provision- Tomorrow
5. Calm Condition- Urban Assault
6. Felix Marc- Digital Love
7. Спектрум– Пусть Будет Так (Revisited)
8. Front Line Assembly- The Blade (Technohead)
9. Accessory- Hate's Gonna Fuck You
10. Ien Oblique- Slaves of Pleasure
11. Cubanate- Body Burn
12. Kirlian Camera- Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover)
13. Namnambulu- Deception
14. Alpha Point- God's Anger
15. Nachtmahr- Feur Frei!
16. Frozen Plasma- Tanz die Revolution (International Version)
17. Reaper- She is a Devil and a Whore
18. Covenant- We Want Revolution
19. Combichrist- This is my Rifle
20. LastraX- Big City Lights
21. Neuroticfish- They Are Coming to Take Me Away
22. Culture Kultuer- Drum Machine
23. Espermachine- Dead Man Walking
24. Red Flag- Run (Monster)
25. Apoptygma Berzerk- Soultaker
26. Cosmicity- Too Far Gone (Extemely No Good Mix)/All You Need
27. VNV Nation- Cold (Remix)
28. Combichrist- Give Head if You Got It
29. Imperative Reaction- As We Fall
30. T.O.Y.- Another Lovesong (Trance Mix)

End of the mix.

Single tracks and requests(*):
Simple Minds- Promised You a Miracle
Tears for Fears- Mad World
Sparks- This Town Isn't Big Enough For The Both of Us
The Babys- Isn't It Time*
Sparks- Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
Garbage- Only Happy When It Rains*
Magazine- The Light Pours Out of Me
VNV Nation- Perpetual (Live)

On Demand Radio Show!

My first streaming "on-demand" show. Tune in and enjoy!:

 If you like the mix, go here to download:

Friday, January 3, 2014

First show of 2014!

First show of 2014!

The mix:

Front Line Assembly- Vigilante
KMFDM- Godlike
Dance or Die- After Dinner Spark
Kraftwerk- Trans Europe Express
Venus Walk- Isolation
Hate Dept.- Won't Stay Lit
Godheads- Eternal Youth
Front 242- Crushed
Die Form- The Hidden Cage
Depeche Mode- Lie to Me
:wumpscut:- Thorns (Distant Vocals Version)
Meat Beat Manifesto- God OD v1
Angels & Agony- Surrender
Silica Gel- Nada Es Eterno
C-Tec- Stateless
Fictional- Voyager
Felix Marc- Life is PornA
Skinny Puppy- Testure(12" mix)
The Force Dimenson- X-Tension
Front 242- Welcome to Paradise
Assemblage 23- Darker
Eisbrecher- Vergissmeinnicht
Funker Vogt- Prisoners of War
Nachtmahr- Rise and Fall
Invincible Spirit- Can Sex Be Sin
Fortran 5- Love Baby
Kirlian Camera- Heldenplatz (Mission Wahalla Ix)
Iris- Sorrow Expert
Elegant Machinery- Flag of Truce
OMD- The Future, The Past, and Forever After
Faith Assembly- Persuasion (Drift Mix)
De/Vision- Drifting Sideways
Seabound- Contact
Project Pitchfork- Carrion