Friday, July 11, 2014

Tonight's playlist- July 11

First set:

1. Surveillance- I Was There
2. System Syn- Lost
3. Solitary Experiments- Stars
4. Seabound- When She's Hungry
5. Die Form- Perpetual Motion
6. Espermachine- Bleeding Hands
7. Pride and Fall- Hollow
8. Die Form- Black Leather Gloves
9. Ruined Conflict- Legacy
10. Gecko Sector- A Million Hours

Set 2
11. And One- Time Killer
12. VNV Nation- Tomorrow Never Comes
13. Ien Oblique- Slaves of Pleasure
14. Mental Discipline- Shine On Me
15. Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus
16. The Kovenant- Star by Star(Apop Remix)
17. Imperative Reaction- Never Ending
18. Nachtmahr- Feuer Frei
19. Frozen Plasma- Tanz Die Revolution (International Version)
20. Reaper- She is a Devil and a Whore
21. Covenant- We Want Revolution
22. Neuroticfish- They Are Coming to Take Me Away
23. Culture Kultuer- Drum Machine
24. Psychopomps- Godshit (God's Hit!)
25. State of the Union- Dancing in the Dark
26. Covenant- Dead Stars (Club Version)
27. Cosmicity- All You Need (Extended)
28. VNV Nation- Cold (Remix)
29. Icon Of Coil- Dead Enough For Life
30. T.O.Y- Another Lovesong (Remix)

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