Saturday, December 31, 2011

Program 15- the best of 2011!!

Here we go:

1. VNV Nation- Space and Time (0:00)
2. Felix Marc- Moscow/Paris (4:40)
3. System Syn- An Excuse Never Recieved (9:13)
4. Alpha Point- Emptiness Within (SNTK2 Version) (12:16)
5. This Morn Omina - Enuma Elish (16:27)
6. Na-Hag- Having A Knife (22:19)
7. Dirty Bird 13 - No Longer (featuring Nyku Decode) (28:56)
8. Freaky Mind - TanzReich (34:25)
9. Imperative Reaction - What Is Left To Say (38:43)
10. Mental Discipline - Fallen Stars (feat. Felix Marc) (43:21)
11. Kirlian Camera - Nightglory (48:18)
12. And One - Dancing in the Factory (51:38)
13. Covenant - The Beauty And The Grace (54:48)
14. Wideband Network - Time (Album Version) (59:25)
15. VNV Nation - Gratitude (63:45)

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Program 15- High Quality Download
Program 15- Dialup Download

Friday, December 30, 2011

Live show for tonight!

Pre-show is on. Start time (due to unforeseen delays) will be 8 pm Pacific.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Live Radio Show for today!

Show to begin at approximately 7 pm pacific December 23rd. Pre-show has now begun. As always requests are welcome over IM- ardilla93618 on Yahoo and AIM, on MSN and Googletalk.

Please send me your requests and I'll do my best to fulfill them.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Live show for tomorrow- the 23rd.

If all goes well I should be doing a live radio show tomorrow starting at 7pm pacific (10 pm eastern). I'll likely be doing a pre-show prior to that as well. Watch this spot for further details.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Show for December 16 to begin

Show will start at 7pm pacific. Pre-show is now on:

Requests welcome over IM- ardilla93618 on AIM and Yahoo on MSN and google talk.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Show for Friday- maybe?

Been dealing with a head cold all of this week. I want to do a live show tomorrow, but still not certain. I'll do my best to keep all of you out there informed.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Live show December 2

It's Friday again. Tune if for the next few hours:

Requests are welcomed over IM- ardilla93618 on yahoo and aim on google talk and msn.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Live show now!

tune if for the next hour or so:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quick live show

No advance notice:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Program 14 at last!

Here's the playlist:

1. Freaky Mind- TanzReich (0:00)
2. VNV Nation- Control (3:36)
3. System Syn- An Excuse Never Recieved (9:34)
4. Zynic- Dreams In Black And White (Assemblage 23 Remix) (12:26)
5. Stranftanz- Forward Ever (15:45)
6. Electric Breathing- Killer Instinct (21:13)
7. Klutæ- Desert Storm (Bagada Pogo Version) (25:37)
8. A7IE- Martyr (Remixed by Centhron) (28:55)
9. Aesthetic Perfection- The 11th Hour (33:33)
10. Waves Under Water- Frail Misconception (38:38)
11. Accessory- Tanzrichtung Vorwärts (42:18)
12. Head-less- Punish Your Head (46:54)
13. Kirlian Camera- Winged Child (50:39)
14. Felix Marc- Life Is Porn (54:12)
15. Dirty Bird 13- No Longer (57:36)

Track start times are approximate- with the exception of the start time of course.

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Program 14- High Quality Download

Program 14- Dialup Download

Friday, November 18, 2011

New show again

Friday so once again another hour or two of tunes.

Requests taken over instant messenger: ardilla93618 on yahoo and aim, on MSN and Googletalk

Show's over. Went from just a bit before 7 pm pacific till just before 12:30 am pacific- for over four and half hours of great tunes. Thanks too all who tuned in.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Here we go with the usual Friday night show. Tune in here:

Remember requests are always welcome over IM ardilla93618 on yahoo and AOL and on MSN and Googletalk.

Show is over- thanks for tuning in!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Suprise Thursday Night show on now!

Anything goes tonight. And I mean anything- so long as it's good! Requests are welcome over IM!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday night show again!!

Slight delay due to technical difficulties but we are live and on air this evening: tune in here:

Requests welcome via IM ardilla93618 on yahoo and AOL and on MSN and Googletalk.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Origins of Cool tunes- Edition One

Now to start something new- for the benefit of people out there I will be presenting vital acts that aren't well known, but are pivotal in modern music. First up is German act Neu! [pronounced "Noy"]

Minimal rock that was a major influence to diverse acts like Joy Division, Stereolab and without these guys no doubt the likes of trance and EBM like Nitzer Ebb would not be the same.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Final Friday of October

And once again another streaming show.

Please tune in! Requests welcome over instant messanger: ardilla93618 on Yahoo and AOL and on MSN and Google Talk.

Click here to tune in!

Show is over!

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's that time again

Friday night show to begin at 8 pm Pacific. Pre-show has started.

Please tune in! Requests welcome over instant messanger: ardilla93618 on Yahoo and AOL and on MSN and Google Talk.

Click here to tune in!

Program 13

A new streaming show for you!

1. Imperative Reaction- Side Effect (0:00)
2. Silencio Personal- These Walls (4:16)
3. VNV Nation- Resolution (7:47)
4. Cryo- Weitergehen (13:06)
5. Klutæ- Electro Punks Unite (18:12)
6. IN[TOXIN]- Dead Space (21:35)
7. Uberbyte- Hell Alamein (28:16)
8. Freaky Mind- No More Manifests (31:59)
9. Na-Hag- Having a Knife (35:12)
10. Nachtmahr- Unbeugsam (40:13)
11. God Module- Into The Outside (43:16)
12. Felix Marc- The Muse (Club Version) (47:18)
13. Dekad- So Sorry (52:36)
14. [ШТУRМ]- Последний рассвет (56:18)
15. Fox- Deranged (Reticent Remix) (60:10)

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Program 13- High Quality Download

Program 13- Dialup Download

Friday, October 14, 2011

Live DJ- again!

Please tune in! Requests welcome over instant messanger: ardilla93618 on Yahoo and AOL and on MSN and Google Talk.

Click here to tune in!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Live DJ-ing once more

First Friday of the month so doing the live DJ thing again. Requests welcome via IM- ardilla93618 on AIM and Yahoo and on MSN. Send me your song requests!

Click here to tune in!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday again- live show once more

It's Friday once again! anything goes. Requests welcome via IM- ardilla93618 on AIM and Yahoo and on MSN. Send me your song requests!

Click here to tune in!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Program 12

1. VNV Nation- Gratitude (0:00)
2. Imperative Reaction- Torture (5:58)
3. Aesthetic Perfection- The Bitter Years (Straftanz) (10:27)
4. Unitary- Zenith (14:53)
5. Apoptygma Berzerk- Asleep Or Awake (Spektralized Remix) (20:03)
6. Level 2.0- Individual (23:02)
7. Kontaminant- Obsidian (28:24)
8. This Morn' Omina- (The) Reach (of God) (32:08)
9. Uberbyte- Spion Kop (36:35)
10. Felix Marc- MoscowParis (40:11)
11. Electrovot- The One (44:24)
12. Ien Oblique- Slaves Of Pleasure (Kamikaze Remix) (49:31)
13. Massiv In Mensch- TransformationIII (@vx & MIAB) (54:27)
14. God Module- Plastic (57:33)
15. VNV Nation- Space & Time (61:49)

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Program 12- High Quality Download

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday again!

It's Friday once again! anything goes. Requests welcome via IM- ardilla93618 on AIM and Yahoo and on MSN. Send me your song requests!

Click here to tune in!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Live show again!

It's Friday once again! anything goes. Requests welcome via IM- ardilla93618 on AIM and Yahoo and on MSN. Send me your song requests!

Click here to tune in!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Live show now!

It's Friday- anything goes. Requests welcome via IM- ardilla93618 on AIM and Yahoo and on MSN. Send me your song requests!

Click here to tune in!

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Friday- anything goes. Requests welcome via IM- ardilla93618 on AIM and Yahoo and on MSN. Send me your song requests!

Click here to tune in!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Program 11

1. Pakt- Freiheit (0:00)
2. Aestetic Idiosyncrasy- Break Me Down (3:20)
3. Project Rotten- Eaten From the Inside (Menschdefekt Remix) (7:49)
4. Imperative Reaction- Surface (10:34)
5. Apoptygma Berzerk- Asleep Or Awake (Spektralized Remix) (14:09)
6. Personal Space- Blackout (Instrumental Version) (17:12)
7. Anesthesia Ultradeath- Deadly Sins (21:44)
8. Digital Asmodeus- Dark Future (25:15)
9. Project Pitchfork- Run For Cover (29:47)
10. Infekted- Morir (35:05)
11. God Module- Devils Night (Modulate B-Ket Mix) (38:42)
12. A.D.N.- Killer Beat Killer Bass (44:19)
13. Santa Hates You- Nothing's Gonna Be Alright (48:05)
14. Egoamp- The Cabinet (52:32)
15. Alien2064- 20-07-69 (Arrival Version) (56:39)
16. Phantom Commando- Maschinemensch (61:40)
17. Kirlian Camera- I Gave You Wings, I Gave You Death (66:12)

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Program 11- High Quality Download

Program 11- Dialup Download

Friday, August 26, 2011

Live show online!!!!

It's Friday- anything goes. Requests welcome via IM- ardilla93618 on AIM and Yahoo and on MSN. Send me your song requests!

Click here to tune in!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Music Review

As a lifelong music lover, one of the joys for me is to discover an
unknown act that really seems to have qualities that are deserving of a
“known” status- at least known in the world of underground music. One
place that I go for unknown acts are net labels. For those of you who
don’t know, net labels are web based labels that release music
exclusively in mp3 (or similar) format and album artwork for free. The
only thing that wouldn’t be included on a net release is an actual cd.
There are a variety of styles and genres to be found in the world of net
labels, but the majority tends to be electronic music. Most times the
releases are easily forgettable and ok at best. But once in a great
while I find a really worthwhile gem.

One such release I found a
while back was on the Entity net
. The project was called White Nois Stasis and their release
was “The Garden of Unearthed Machines”- a 7 track ep of pulverizing
beats, uncomfortable ambient sounds and an occasional melodic element.
The opening track “Abyssmalescent (Reflxx)” kicks the ep off with steady
harsh rhythm, filled with distorted percussion and the sound of hissing
steam filling in for cymbal crashes. Vocals are present, but are barely
recognized as something that belongs to a human. This track alone will
determine if you will stick around for the rest of the ep or call it
quits. I stuck around.

“Agony” is the next track that follows and continues with the same
brutality of the previous track, but considerably more straightforward
in that it has a much more dance friendly beat. The third track is “The
Caul” which is a 4 and half minute piece of dark factory yard ambience- a
factory that has taken numerous lives and still houses the souls of its
mauled workers. Continuing the ghostly theme is the track “12 Bit
Spectre”- frantic beats that stray off a 4/4 course and distorted synths
and percussion are back. But a new element of melodic piano lines are
introduced as well distorted guitar riff fragments. This is the track I
would show to someone that harsh electronics are not just merely a guy
programming a few repetitive synth lines, there’s a sense of the track
being composed.

The brutality continues but gets turned down a notch or two on the track
“Alihamet Wormhole”- the track is noteworthy for the inclusion of what
sounds like Hindu chants and a sitar. Truly bizarre indeed. Next is my
favorite track “I Will (Tr)eat You Well”. Another track featuring actual
vocals, and this time they sound almost human, but are still beyond
comprehension. Heavy guitar riffs drive this track during the chorus- or
what passes for the chorus in the track. This is probably as close to a
pop song as this ep gets, but there’s no chance of this song being
played on radio next to crap like Orgy and their third rate covers.

The ep’s closer is “The Garden of Unearthed Machines (UndaCova Remix)”-
my least favorite track. As this track is a remix I’m left to wonder
what that original sounded like. What’s presented here is a mid-tempo
broken and distorted rhythm that even I consider very monotonous. This
track would be right at home on the Ant-Zen label of power noise
artists, and as such isn’t a terrible track. But it is a letdown after
the outstanding fury of “I Will (Tr)eat You Well”.

The ep is available
absolutely free and
legal here
. Alas I couldn’t find much else about the artist on the
web other than a website that
hasn’t seen an update since 2003. Rather unfortunate since this is
someone exploring some very harsh and brutal sounds that I found were
still accessible, listenable and enjoyable.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Live show for Aug 5th

Live show to being shortly:

pre-show has started.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Program 10

Long delay, but here it is:

1. Blitzmaschine- Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick (0:00)
2. Liquid Divine- Sojurner (Remix by Diskonnekted) (3:18)
3. Blutengel- Promised Land (Chrom Remix) (7:09)
4. Stahnebel & Black Selket- Survival Instict (11:13)
5. Kionavenus- I Am Fire (14:35)
6. Sadiztik:Injektion- Realize The Suicide (Agrrotrance Remix) (18:17)
7. Suicidal Romance- S.H.R. (21:50)
8. Diezel Xzaust- Zero Tolerance (25:46)
9. Substaat- I Want (30:00)
10. Nydhog- Symmentry (33:13)
11. Zero A.D.- Ocean (36:53)
12. Incubite- King Of Beasts (41:17)
13. Halo Effect- Life Goes On (People Theater's Motion Mix) (44:45)
14. Endanger- Dawn Again (Alphaluna Remix) (48:41)
15. Plasmodivm- Lost Drama (53:02)
16. Pyrroline- My Dreams (57:33)
17. Wynardtage- White Frost (Chadouze Airplay Mix) (62:15)
18. VNV Nation- Further (live) (66:40)

track start times are approximate.

Broadband Stream

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Program 10- High Quality Download

Program 10- Dialup Download

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Live show

Once again- live show tomorrow the 29th at 7 pm (PST). Requests for songs always welcome- looking forward to hear from all of you out there.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Live show!

Live show tonight at 7pm!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For this week

Hello everyone! Quick annoucement- instead of a Friday show there will be a Thursday night show. Also for tomorrow- there will be an automated show of tracks from Suicide Commando starting at 6pm PST

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Live show on the 15th.

Hey everyone- I'll likely be doing a live show tomorrow (the 15th) in the evening. Likely start time will be 7pm Pacific. Requests are welcome- post a reply, or a private message, or via Instant messanger.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Program 9

1. Noyce™- This World [X10DED] (0:00)
2. Cracked Core- Freedom in Lost Underground [(Project) Ritual Noise Mix] (5:12)
3. Absolute Body Control- Surrender No Resistance [Crash Course In Science Mix] (7:40)
4. Nitzer Ebb vs. Die Krupps- To The Hilt (11:29)
5. Weena Morloch- Kaputt! (15:38)
6. Nin Kuji- Shàngtian [Rehearsal Version 2011] (19:16)
7. Bong Ra- Cyclops (22:30)
8. Xperiment- Bloodgame (27:48)
9. Bodycall- Revolution At Your Gates (32:44)
10. Alpha IrRadiation- Destruct (36:53)
11. Waiting In Vain- Awake Again [statiCViolence RMX] (40:06)
12. Transatlantik- Autobahn (44:04)
13. Die Krupps vs. Nitzer Ebb- One The Road (49:00)
14. Cause And Effect- Happiness Is Alien (52:35)
15. Halo Effect- Funeral (56:12)
16. Tzolk'in- Quetzacoatl (61:27)
17. Felix Marc- Fields Of Grey (68:58)
18. Corde Oblique- A Hail Of Bitter Almonds (73:27)

Broadband Stream

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Program 9- High Quality Download

Program 9- Dialup Download

Monday, June 20, 2011

Program 8

Here's the first new show on the new site. Now for the playlist with approximate start times in parenthesis.

1. Haujobb- Dead Market (0:00)
2. Dead When I Found Her- Subject Reject (3:50)
3. Absurd Minds- Human Bomb (9:26)
4. :Wumpscut:- Schrekk & Grauss (13:22)
5. Binary Park- Human Disease (18:31)
6. Caustic- 666 On The Crucifix (22:55)
7. Hocico- Bite Me! (Chrom Remix) (27:31)
8. This Morn' Omina- Enuma Elish (32:14)
9. Monody- The Crime (39:19)
10. In Strict Confidence- My Despair (Crashtiv Remix) (43:34)
11. Kirlian Camera- Nightglory (47:02)
12. Clan Of Xymox- Delete (49:57)
13. Lastrax- Big City Lights (54:57)
14. Felix Marc- Collector (59:03)
15. Daybehavior- Silent Dawn (People Theatre Remix) (66:16)
16. Essence Of Night- First Snowfall (70:34)

Broadband Stream

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Program 8- High Quality Download

Program 8- Dialup Download

Friday, May 20, 2011

Program 7

1. The Echoing Green- Heaven (The Devil In The Details) (0:00)
2. Endless Shame- The Reaper (4:25)
3. Covenant- Dynamo Clock (8:12)
4. And One- Shining Star (13:49)
5. :Wumpscut:- Rudolf Wolzek (17:10)
6. Mesh- How Long (Assemblage 23) (21:23)
7. Fractured- Anesthetic (27:01)
8. Desastroes- Dark Light (30:47)
9. Hocico- Bite Me! (The Beautiful Assholes Mix) (34:13)
10. Distorted Memory- Hand Of God (39:28)
11. KMFDM- Take It Like A Man (45:06)
12. John Foxx And The Maths- Summerland (48:50)
13. Intuition- Berlin Sky (53:12)
14. In Strict Confidence- Set Me Free (Extended Version) (56:43)
15. Blutengel- Über Den Horizont (64:51)
16. And One- Millitary Fashion Show (Original Version) (68:48)
17. Leonard Cohen- Everybody Knows (71:37)

Broadband Stream

Dial-up Stream

Program 7- High Quality Download

Program 7- Dialup Download

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Program 6

1. Mesh- Leave You Nothing(0:00)
2. Mental Discipline- Fallen Stars (Feat. Felix Marc) (4:11)
3. Dirty Bird 13- Girl With The Knife (8:27)
4. The Echoing Green- Revenge (12:51)
5. And One- Dancing In The Factory (17:16)
6. Blitzmaschine- Kaempfe um Mich (20:25)
7. Hocico- Silence Is The Death (23:36)
8. Terrolokaust- Give Me Back My Honour (28:52)
9. Suono- Dark Reality (33:35)
10. Alien Vampires- Evil Bloody Music (37:02)
11. De/vision- Drifting Sideways (T.O.Y. Mix) (41:04)
12. Mesh- How Long (Full Duration Pump Version) (44:28)
13. Iris- Fighter (50:24)
14. Iris- Sorrow Expert (53:52)
15. Blutengel- Down On My Knees (57:10)
16. Babylonia- Crime Scene (62:20)
17. De/vision- Free Wordl (67:41)

High Quality Stream

Dial-up Stream

High Quality Download

Dial-up Download

Friday, March 11, 2011

Program 5

1. Lost Area- Memoria (0:00)
2. Mesh- Is It So Hard? (Iris Remix) (4:51)
3. Ghost & Writer- Nightshift (Forma Tadre Remix) (10:24)
4. Hurts- Sunday (Glam As You Mix) (14:44)
5. Fractured- You Are (The voice Inside My Head) (18:18)
6. Liquid Devine- Sojourner (21:21)
7. Endanger- Die Show Muss Weitergehen (Extended Version) (24:42)
8. Zynic- Dreams In Black And White (29:36)
9. Waves Under Water- Tomorrow (35:00)
10. Encephlalon- Daylight (Remix) (38:42)
11. Decoded Feedback- Mind Against Matter (43:55)
12. Incubite- Glowstix, Neon and Blood (48:05)
13. Babylonia- Ethereal Connection (52:05)
14. A Covenant Of Thorns- Serafina (55:54)
15. Plasmodivm- Unbreakable Will (59:58)
16. Stromkern- Sub-Librarian (64:26)
17. Black Rose- Heaven (68:48)

Broadband Stream

Dial-up Stream

Program 5- High Quality Download

Program 5- Dialup Download

Monday, February 21, 2011

Program 4

1. Psy'Aviah Feat. Ayria- Into The Game (Plastic Noise Experience Remix) (0:00)
2. Substaat- Unstuck (3:41)
3. Alpha Point- God's Anger- (Single Version) (7:33)
4. Aircrash Bureau- Mit Voller Kraft V.2.1 (11:20)
5. Siva Six- Valley Of The Shadows (16:16)
6. ES23 Feat. Project Rotten- This Is Anarchy (19:47)
7. Freakangel- My Darling Bullet (23:29)
8. The PCP Principle- Apocalypse When? (27:14)
9. Studio X- You'll Never Get This (32:26)
10. D-Tox- No Sympathy (37:24)
11. Armageddon Dildos- Hedonic (42:09)
12. Covenant- Judge Of My Domain (46:47)
13. Blutengel- The Lost Children (50:58)
14. And One- Zerstörer (55:16)
15. Deviant UK- Angel One (58:12)
16. Titans- All There Is (63:30)
17. RU.Are- Halo (67:39)
18. Alphaville- The Deep (72:26)

Broadband Stream

Dial-up Stream

Program 4- High Quality Download

Program 4- Dialup Download

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Program 3- Martial Industrial Show

1. Durch Heer und Kraft- Quis Contra Nos? (0:00)
2. Im Einsatz- Regard D'enfants (3:37)
3. Weihan- Bonds of Blood (7:00)
4. A Challenge of Honour- March of the Armz (10:50)
5. Dead Man's Hill- The Curse (16:40)
6. Der Blaue Reiter- The Fall of Light (21:38)
7. Arditi- Onwards (28:13)
8. March of Heroes- March For Glory (33:06)
9. Across the Rubicon- Marching at Home (36:06)
10. Sophia- Sigillum Militum IV (39:22)
11. Sect- Imperium in Impero (42:27)
12. Atomtrakt- Ins Verderben (46:35)
13. Arbeit- Le Destin De La Patrie (54:50)
14. Area Bombardment- Usura (59:53)
15. Cold Fusion- Dear Fatherland Rest Quietly (65:15)
16. Apoptose- Nidstang (70:12)
17. Oda Relicta- Victory Will Be Yesterday (75:53)

Broadband Stream

Dial-up Stream

Program 3- High Quality Download

Program 3- Dialup Download

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Program 2

1. Nachtmahr- Can You Feel The Beat? (0:00)
2. F.O.D.- Heal Me (3:45)
3. Absolute Body Control- Surrender No Resistance (7:11)
4. Die Krupps- The Chameleon Man (11:29)
5. Systemshock vs. Zweifelhaft- What I Want (Mythbreakers Mix) (15:26)
6. Armageddon Dildos- Bodyworker (19:16)
7. Uberbyte- Hell Alamein (22:14)
8. Sucidal Romance- S.H.R. (26:08)
9. C-Lekktor- Living Dead (29:51)
10. Project Rotten- Buried Alive (Say Just Words Remix) (34:02)
11. Bodycall- Electro Havoc (38:29)
12. Alpha Point- Emptiness Within (SNTK2 Version) (42:38)
13. Mental Discipline- Battlefield (SNTK2 Version) (46:40)
14. Blutengel- Reich Mir Die Hand (50:49)
15. Etage Neun- Tonight (53:48)
16. Illusion of Light- Ameisenstaat 2010 (55:51)
17. Wideband Network- Time (Album Version) (59:30)
18. Absolute Body Control- Sorrow (Daniel Myer Mix) (62:17)
19. And One- No Songs For You (67:32)
20. Faith Assembly- Scarborough Fair (70:15)
21. Rummelsnuff- The Partisian (72:34)

Broadband Stream

Dial-up Stream

Program 2- High Quality Download

Program 2- Dialup Download

Friday, January 14, 2011

First show of 2011!

1. [De:ad:cibel]- One of 47 (0:00)
2. Silent Auction- Reverie (4:43)
3. Reaper- The Devil Is Female (9:05)
4. Agrezzoir- Fingerprint (14:05)
5. Proyecto Crisis- Alta Densidad (17:53)
6. Verflucht- Fucking Trauma (20:53)
7. Genocido 1968- Hure (24:43)
8. C-Lekktor- Juicio Final (28:57)
9. Die Braut- W.I.E. (33:54)
10. Ad:key- Our World Of EBM (38:23)
11. 00tz 00tz- Metamorphosis (42:07)
12. Method Cell- Conviction (Rush V2) (46:30)
13. Angel Theory- Memories Of You (50:42)
14. Fononovela- Fade Away (54:55)
15. Phenotract- Unreal Highs (58:03)
16. Lylee- Sternentans (Extended Version) (62:30)
17. Project Pitchfork- The Dividing Line (66:56)
18. Oda Relicta- Holy Alliance Outroitus (71:07)

Broadband Stream

Dial-up Stream

Program 1- High Quality Download

Program 1- Dialup Download