Friday, October 3, 2014

Show for tonight October 3rd.

Show time at 8:30 PM (pacifc)- pre show is on.


1 FLA Vector- U Stanka
2. E-Gens- Holy Dreams
3. Mechanical Apfelshine- Believe
4. Alpha Point- High Like The Angels (People's Theater Remix)
5. Per Aspera- Find Yourself
6. Notoy- Feelings Drowned
7. Pulse State- Hello World
8. Trim Silence- Vosotok 5
9. Spilstar- Diginity
10. Ru.Are- Halo
11. Freaky Mind- Peeping Hole (Instrumental Version)
12. Dust Heaven- Doublefaced
13. WANT/ed- Full of Grace
14. Systema Synthetica- Tower
15. Ginger Snap5- Shadow gHost
16. Ginger Snap%- Butterfly is a Fish
17, Ruined Conflict- Treason

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