Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Program 3- Streaming Show

Lots of new music for this show. Please note that the streaming show has voice-over announcements, while the downloads have no announcements and are edited to be one continuous uninterrupted program.

1. Blind Passenger- Born to Die
2. Santa Hates You- Pack Your Bags Honey, We're Going to Hell! (Road Trip Remix)
3. Men Without Hats- Devil Come Round
4. Funker Vogt- Hard Way
5. :Wumpscut:- Grobian
6. Pakt- Revolution
7. E-Craft- Rearrested V3.0
8. The Azoic- Corruption (Encoder Remix)
9. Be My Enemy- Helter Skelter
10. Caustic- Generate Chaos (Cryogen Second Regressive Mix)
11. VNV Nation- Sentinel (Younger Gods Remix)
12. Alpha Point- Feel The Same
13. And One- Rick
14. Moev- Tear You Down
15. Acretongue- Flowers in the Attic
16. Ultravox- Live
17. Lords Of Acid- Medicine Man
18. Peter Heppner- Meine Welt

Broadband Stream
Dial-up Stream
Program 3- High Quality Download
Program 3- Dialup Download

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