Friday, November 15, 2013

Playlist for November 15th

New track showcase:

Ruined Conflict- Impulse
Solar Fake- Rise and Fall
Solar Fake- I Hate You More Than My Life
Seabound- Nothing But Love
Solitary Experiments- Tilting At Windmills
Solitary Experiments- No Salvation
Accessory- Squeeze My Heart
Accessory- Pulse
Die Krupps- Schmutzfabrik
Die Krupps- The Machinists Of Joy
Bruderschaft- Forever 2013
Ruined Conflict- United We Stand and Fall

The Mix:

Meat Beat Manifesto- It's The Music
Спектрум–Пусть Будет Так (Revisited)
Front Line Assembly- The Blade (Technohead)
Covenant- Dynamo Clock
Die Form- Slavesex
Ien Oblique- Slaves of Pleasure
Battery- Meat Market
Clock DVA- Voice Recognition Test
Kirlian Camera- Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover)
Frozen Plasma- Tanz Die Revolution
Espermachine- These Crimes
Neuroticfish- They Are coming To Take Me Away
LastraX- Indifference
In Strict Confidence- Babylon
Seabound- Breathe
Droom- While We Can (Syrian Mix)
Cosmicity- All You Need (Extended)
Code 64- True Faith (New Order cover)
Eloquent- Computadora
Colony 5- Fix
Combichrist- Kickstart The Fight
Nachtmahr- War on the Dancefloor (140 bpm!)

Single tracks for closing off the show:
Clan of Xymox- Muscoviet Musquito
Clan of Xymox- There's No Tomorrow
And One: Time Killer

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